7 stores and services in Brazil to buy with Bitcoin on this Black Friday

It is also possible to pay for stores and services in Brazil with Bitcoin during Black Friday this week.

One of the most expected days of the year by retail traders around the world starts this Friday, December 27: Black Friday.

As it happens every year, the cryptoesfera is not far from the fever of stores and services, which offer great discounts on products and services on this day to warm up the market before the end of year parties.

As reported by Cointelegraph Brasil, Brazilian and global exchanges such as Binance, Novadax and CoinGoBack have already announced discounts and other products on this Black Friday.

In addition, it is also possible to take advantage of Black Friday to buy products and services outside the cryptoesphere paying with Bitcoin. Cointelegraph Brazil highlights 5 stores and services that accept payments in BTC on this Friday, always remembering that this article is not a recommendation to purchase, that the payment information is public and listed on the site of the companies cited.
Juggling and Circus

One of the stores to accept payments in One Bitcoin a Day in this Black Friday is Malabarize-Se, which sells articles for the practice of circus activities, such as balls, clefs, diabolos, rims, bambolese, balance plates, among other circus articles. Besides them, there is also a section of the site with t-shirts, home articles and DVDs about the store theme.

Besides Bitcoin, the store accepts other cryptomoedas as payment:

„Now you can buy juggling equipment at the store using your Bitcoins (we also accept Decred, Litecoin, DeepOnion and other cryptomoedas, please contact us). The procedure is very simple: open an order normally, after you have the final amount of your purchase (with shipping) contact us and communicate that you want to pay with cryptomoedas! you will receive the instructions by email!“.

Sports Supplements

Another online store accepting Bitcoin payments is UltraFitness, which offers a series of sports supplement products focused on performance. The store has a Black Friday promotion with up to 60% discount on the products, which comprises the whole range of hypercalorics, thermogenics, carbohydrates, proteins, diuretics, among others that are part of sports science focused on performance, weight loss and muscle mass gain.

The store is partner of brands such as Integral Médica, Probiotica and Sanavita. Besides payments in Bitcoin, UltraFitness also accepts payments through the Brazilian fintech Koin, which allows parceling out retail purchases on the bill.


One of the first stores to accept Bitcoin as payment in São Paulo, the workshop, bicycle store and bar-café Las Magrelas has been accepting Bitcoin as payment for years, at least since 2014. It can be said that the valorization of cryptomeda since then must have done good to the owners of the establishment, which is in Pinheiros, São Paulo. Despite being famous for accepting Bitcoin, there is no payment option on the store’s official website, only for those who visit Las Magrelas on the West Side of São Paulo.

Used automobiles

Another of the oldest stores in Brazil to accept Bitcoin as payment, Tony Veículos already offers its customers the conversion of cars into Bitcoin through its official website. The store accepts BTC as payment since mid 2017 and may also have benefited from the valuation of cryptomoeda year by year. The used car and parts store does not offer all its offers in Bitcoin, since not all owners accept crypto payments.

Among the cars that can be paid in Bitcoin, a Nissan Versa model 2017/2018 does not come out for less than 0.50445284 BTC, while the most expensive car is a BMW X6 model 2016/2016, which costs 3.24894515 BTC.

Crypto articles

Although the offer of sites that accept cryptomoeda is still restricted, inside the crypt market the acceptance of the biggest cryptomoeda is obviously wider. Besides the exchanges, digital banks and brokers, there are offers of physical products linked to the crypto universe that accepts cryptomoeda.

One of the sites is KriptoBR, which is a partner of the hardware portfolio Trezor, with an indinity of physical Bitcoin wallets for sale with payment in BTC. Besides the hardware, the store also offers a series of courses about Bitcoin, wallets and other themes related to cryptomoedas

Cryptomime lovers also have stores for T-shirts, cups, mugs and other items directly linked to Bitcoin and altcoins. In these sites, it is possible to pay in cash or digital coins.

Cryptomaniacs, for example, offers products linked to the cryptoesphere and also a subscription service, with trade recommendations, graphic analysis, tutorials and other services. The company is a partner of NovaDAX, but who processes payments is Kamoney, which allows payments in BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, NBC, CBRL, COS, USDT, RAS, OKB, BNB and SMART.

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